Senior Citizen Moving

The idea of living in an assisted living facility is generally a new phenomenon but one that is rapidly and increasingly gaining pace. Although the concept came about as little as 20 years ago, it has become the fastest growing long-term care option for seniors to date. These facilities are a means for seniors to acquire a senior housing solution for their living needs and sometimes require senior care moving services as a result. It allows seniors to still live independently but also enjoy some degree of assistance. For millions around the country, assisted living facilities provide just the level of assistance and care that they require for them to still be able to embellish and prevail in their last phase of life. The golden years should be enjoyable and care free and the assisted living concept definitely aspires to that objective.

One significant factor about the concept as a whole is that no one facility is the same as another. Many times senior assistance facilities differ not only in the range of services that they offer but also in the type of residence that they provide, the geographical location of the community and the degree of security they offer. In general, however, they all provide basic medical monitoring as well as daily recreational activities and care. For the most part there are nurses and caretakers who do things such as dress, feed, assist with hygiene, bathing, toileting and even shopping. As a senior resident you will enjoy basic housekeeping, laundry, they have round the clock supervision and security, health and exercise programs and enjoy facilitated access to medical services.

Known as the ‘sunshine state’, and notorious for its sunny beaches and beautiful weather, Florida has become the nation’s hub for retirees. With more senior citizens in Florida than any other one state in the whole country, it is no wonder why Florida is home to so many nation-renowned quality assisted living facilities. If you or a loved one is considering moving into one of these wonderful senior care solutions, and more so enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, get in touch with a Jensen Moving & Storage representative to go over your options.

Senior Care Moving Services For Assisted Living Facilities

Because we’ve been dealing with most major assisted living facilities in the Treasure Coast for decades, we know the people and we know the trade. We’re familiar with the premise and are on a first name basis with the employees. Beyond that we offer discounted rates for customers who are moving into or out of any Assisted Living facility that we do business with. There is a reduced price on your move which will result in your saving money if you go with Jensen Moving & Storage. If you or a loved one is planning on moving into or out of an Assisted Living facility, give us a call and take advantage of the many benefits that we offer as a result of our special Assisted Living facility relationships.

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