It’s fairly safe to assume that relocating to a new home or office carries a certain amount of excitement with it. However, nobody really looks forward to the real work involved with local moving, interstate moving, or out of state moving. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t have to be so stressful and worrisome, not when you hire Jensen Moving & Storage. We are here to help with residential and commercial moves whether you are moving into Florida or out of state.

Relax While We Put Our 40+ Years of Experience and Expertise to Work

Very few moving companies today have 40+ years of industry experience and expertise like our family owned and operated Local North Palm Beach moving company does. Many businesses, families, and individuals opt for the cheapest movers out there because they have certain budget constraints that they have to adhere to. Unfortunately, cheap doesn’t always equate to having enough experience and expertise.

As one of the premier moving companies in North Palm Beach, our goal is to provide a superior level of service and meet or exceed your expectations and requirements. When you entrust your home or office furnishings to our moving specialists we provide:

  • Careful wrapping and handling of your home or office furnishings
  • Honest, up-front price quotes means NO hidden fees, NO mileage expenses, and NO post-move costs
  • Storage facilities in North Palm Beach are available for monthly flat rates
  • Unparalleled customer service and support for any job, large or small

Furthermore, our full-time moving specialists have been educated and trained in every function of the moving and storage industry as well as the proper equipment to use for residential and commercial moves. Plus, we are fully insured and licensed.

We Let Our Services Do The Talking For Us

Since 1972, Jensen Moving & Storage has provided the most comprehensive line of moving and storage services for businesses, families, and individuals who are moving into or out of Florida. We provide all the services needed for a hassle-free move. So what does this mean for you? It means you’ll be able to relax and spend quality time with your family while we handle all the hard work. Our services include:

Commercial relocation

we can tailor our commercial moving services to meet the needs of your business and ensure that all office equipment and furnishings are safely transported to your new location. Furthermore, we will help you stay within your budget and eliminate as much downtime as possible

Residential relocation

we eliminate all of the stress and worry with local moving, interstate moving, and out of state moving. We provide an unmatched level of customer service that is backed up by over 40 years of industry experience and expertise as well as our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Cleaning and restoring

Jensen Moving & Storage has partnered with a cleaning and restoration company to ensure that your new home or office is ready for move-in. Even if the prior owner or occupant has left a mess behind when they vacated the property, we will make sure it is cleaned up and ready for you.

High-value transport items

while some individuals possess pieces of fine art and sculptures or classic, vintage cars some movers companies in North Palm Beach don’t offer transport services for these items. Jensen Moving & Storage can arrange the transport of your more valuable possessions in enclosed trailers to ensure their safe arrival at your new location.

Moving protection

our moving services are fully insured against damages in packing, loading, transit, and unloading. For those customers who need us to move their high value items, we recommend the purchase of extra insurance coverage.

Packing and Unpacking

as one of the more important aspects of residential and commercial moves, we eliminate the risk of damage to your furnishings by wrapping the majority of your items and then padding them with moving blankets when we are loading them onto our trucks

For seniors who are uneasy about moving into or out of a retirement or a senior living community, there’s no need to worry anymore. We will be happy to provide our services so you have a pleasant moving experience.

For more information regarding our company and the comprehensive line of moving and storage services that we offer, contact Jensen Moving & Storage (772) 334-5787) and let us show you how stress-free relocating can be.

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