Packing your things for the next move can be a stressful task that requires a both time and energy. Instead of spending countless hours on unsafely packing your important belongings, let professionals handle the whole exercise for you.

Jensen Moving & Storage provides efficient and dependable goods packing services delivered by our teams of professional packers and movers. We promise quality packing of your belongings and ensure their safe transportation.

If you are moving down the street or relocating across the state, the experts at Jensen Moving & Storage will pack your possessions securely. Our team brings professional packing equipment and carefully pack various kinds of materials based on their safety needs.

Good to know

Jensen Moving & Storage provides effceint and quality packing services by professional packers and movers. Packing can be a highly stressful task that requires a both time and energy. Jensen Moving & Storage packers will ensure the safe transportation of your belongings.

With our flexible services, we can provide complete or partial goods packing for your next move depending on your needs. Our teams are trained to deliver 100% satisfaction with packing and moving for home or office goods.

By hiring our professional packers, you can focus on other important arrangements that you cannot ask anybody else to do.

A complete packing and moving service in florida for domestic & commercial needs


Your goods will be protected by safe packing practices and professional packing methods. Our packers will clearly label each box and protectively pack all items to ensure they are relocated safely and are easily organized upon delivery to your new location where we can begin the unpacking process.

We bring our own packing supplies, such as boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, and more. That’s one more thing you need not worry about.

In short, Jensen Moving & Packing can completely take over your goods packing and moving operation, leaving you at ease and free to take care of other important tasks.


Jensen Moving & Storage offers the service of packing & unpacking your residential or commercial moves with a streamlined process. We carefully and meticulously wrap your precious items, glassware as well as other breakables to prevent any damage. We wrap and hold drawers shut to strengthen items during the moving process.

As we pack each category of goods, we label their boxes and containers so they are safely stacked in the truck and easily relocated at the destination.

Once on the truck, everything is padded for complete safety during the transportation. Our moving blankets provide additional protection for your items during transit.

why choose our goods packing service

  • We have served the packing and moving industry for 48 years.
  • Our packing teams are highly trained and experienced with both domestic and commercial packing and moving standards.
  • We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and offer customers best-in-class services.
  • Our professional services come with affordable prices.
  • We provide free estimates for packing and moving services.
  • We transport goods to any region of Florida.

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