At Jensen Moving & Storage we know that moving into a Senior Living Care home can be a new experience. It can be intimidating to move into a new place with new people. At Jensen Moving & Storage we understand this. That is why we take extra care to provide the most smooth transitioning and efficient of moving services. We guarantee that we will do everything possible to make your new transition as stress-free as possible.

Some of the advantages of using Jensen Moving & Storage for moving into or out of a Retirement Community:

  • Automatic reduced rates!
  • Established business relationships with many Senior Living facilities in Florida
  • Over 40 years of experience moving in and out of Senior homes

Good to know

There are actually many unique benefits to going with Jensen Moving & Storage than with other moving companies. For one thing we maintain business relationships with many different senior assisted living facilities in the state of Florida

Those are for example: Ocean Palms Retirement Center, Allegro, Sandhill Cove Retirement Living, Brookdale Jensen Beach, Nord River Shores, Grand Oaks and Brookdale Stuart etc.

We’ve been dealing with most major Assisted Living facilities in the Treasure Coast for decades, so we know the people and we know the trade. We’re familiar with the premise and are on a first name basis with the employees. We know that when someone is moving into a Senior Care home that they are generally downsizing, and we tailor the tools and moving equipment that we bring to fit what we know to expect in such facilities. For example, long hallways between an elevator and the unit where a customer is actually moving into may warrant bringing extra rolling dollies so that furniture is not left staged waiting for the dollies in use to become unoccupied. That way there is always something on a dolly and being moved at all times. This expedites the move and translates into getting it done quicker and you saving money!

Our moving services for senior citizens: more than meets the eye!

Beyond that, because we do so much business with different Senior Living facilities we offer discounted rates for customers who are moving into or out of any Assisted Living facility that we do business with. There is a reduced price on your move which will result in your saving money if you go with Jensen Moving & Storage.

If you or a loved one is planning on moving into or out of an Assisted Living facility, give us a call (772) 334-5787 and take advantage of the many benefits that we offer as a result of our special Retirement Community relationships.

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