per month / per zone
  • Casual Dining
  • Pizza / Fast-Food
  • Gym/Spa/Salon
  • Cable/TV services
  • Phone/Internet
  • Daycare
  • Dental/Doctor
  • Bank/Insurance
  • Music/Events
  • Pet Services
  • Other
(1 per category)
per month / per zone
  • Home Cleaning ($150/month)
  • Flooring/Carpets/Tile
  • Kitchen / Baths
  • Roofing
  • AC /Plumbing/Electrical
  • Landscape/Pool
  • Closets/Design
  • Shutters/Fencing
  • Pool
  • Furniture
  • Other

Introductory Offer:

Initial sign up period is 3 Months All new vendors receive 1 Month Free! Chamber members receive 2 Months Free!

Once the 3-month introductory offer expires, your credit card with be charged on a monthly basis, based on your membership.

Personal Services

(check all that apply)

Home Services

(check all that apply)

Personal Services businesses

Check the zone(s) you want to be included:

Home Services businesses

Check county (limited to 1 vendor per category per county)


Once approved, credit card will be charged equal amount every 30 days, cancellable anytime.

Exclusive Offer:

To qualify you must present movers with an exclusive offer not available anywhere else.


Personal Services: $100/month/zone

Home Services: $300/month/zone

Discount: $50 per additional zone.

Kits will be delivered to a minimum of 80 movers each month. Current average movers per month is over 100 and growing. You will receive a list each month of all moves. Welcome Home Kit program will also be advertised on the radio.

We will accept only one business per Home Services category, per zone. To be accepted, you must have an excellent BBB rating/consumer reviews and continuation in the program is based on delivering a high level of service. We will cancel vendors at our discretion, based on customer complaints.