Kids Packing Own Box

Moving can be particularly challenging for kids. They have to say goodbye to their friends, teachers, and the familiar comfort of the first neighborhood and community they've known in life.

If you employ a well-planned strategy from start to finish, the move may not be too disrupting for children. In this blog, we share several useful tips for moving homes with kids.

Inform Kids about the Move

Once you have decided to move, it is best to let the kids know well in advance. This will help them prepare mentally for the move to the new place.

Talk to your kids about how life will be like in the new place and what changes they can expect. Please focus on the positive so that they are excited about the move.

Research Schools

If you are moving to a completely different city or state, you will need to enroll the kids in a new school. You should start researching schools in your new neighborhood at least 4 to 8 weeks prior to the move.

This will help you find the top-rated school in your new neighborhood and give you the best chance of getting admission for your child.

Establish and Communicate the Move Plan

Get your kids on board about the stuff that you are planning to move. Take suggestions about what clothes, blankets, shoes, toys and toiletries etc. they will need.

Assign them with tasks like packing their own boxes of belongings. Make sure to check the boxes once they are done so that you don't miss anything.

If you have teenage kids, they can also help you pack some of the family luggage or pet items.

Pack Items When they are Asleep

For younger kids under four years old, you will need to do all their packing. The best time to do it is when they are asleep. If your kids are up, they will keep creating a mess by unpacking items out of the boxes.

Toddlers are too young to understand the dynamics of moving to a new place and will never take it seriously. So make sure to do your packing after you put them to sleep.

Prepare Kids Bags for the Move Day

Prepare a handbag with necessary items like baby wipes, diapers, feeders, water bottles, kids' snacks, and distracting toys. These will help keep the kids distracted and help you meet any emergencies on the day of the move.

Have A Positive Attitude for the Move

Children are very good at picking up signs from their parents and other adults. If you are grumpy and apprehensive about the move, your kids adopt a similar attitude. If you are excited and happy about the move, your kids will act the same way.

A positive attitude from parents will go a long way toward soothing the kids' fears and help reinforce a positive attitude in the children.

Choose a Professional Moving Company That Prioritizes Safety

A company with experience in moving families with children will minimize your responsibilities on the day of the move. So choose movers with great reviews as they will take care of everything from packing to lifting and loading to unloading.

This will give you more to focus on driving your children to your new home without worrying about your stuff.

Keep in mind that moving to a new place can be a great personal growth opportunity for all family members, including children. Take the opportunity in a positive manner to make it an exciting experience for everyone.

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