Yes! Moving during covid-19 is actually possible, contrary to what some people might think. Although the process is more painstaking, it can still be done as long as you avail the services of the best moving company in Palm City.

Covid rages on unabated. Your life cannot stop just because an outbreak refuses to subside. Perhaps, your lease just ended. Or maybe you have delayed shifting for quite a while (probably due to the outbreak) and cannot afford to put it off any longer.

Here is how to shift during COVID.

Extra Packing Materials

Stock up on packing materials before stores close once more. Prioritize your needs by purchasing enough packing material for shifting. Do not be afraid to buy extra and go beyond your current estimate. You never know when you might need it. It is very possible to underestimate the packing material requirements and end up buying too little. If stores get closed down, you may be left stranded.

If you feel bad about purchasing extra packing, you can always donate it once you are done.

Sanitizing Your New Place

Make sure that you follow cleaning procedures that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended. By disinfecting your new place, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have taken maximum care to move and live safely in your new property.

Playing it Safe

When moving, people tend to invite friends and relatives for help, assistance, and advice. You will now have to resort to remote communication for such needs. It is not worth inviting others over to your current place or the new location during these times.

Be careful while interacting with movers. You can choose to pay the bill and tips using your credit card instead of hard cash to remain safe.

Talk to Your Movers Remotely

You should choose movers who are committed to your safety and wellbeing besides providing customer service par excellence. You can talk to potential movers via Zoom, Skype, or a similar app.

Ask questions like their working guidelines for safety and provision of safety equipment like gloves, masks, and sanitizers. The best moving company in Palm City should be more than pleased to answer your queries and address all your concerns.

Masks, Social Distancing, Gloves and Handwashing

Contact the best moving company in Palm City that holds your interests dear. The right company will have a strict protocol in place to minimize risks and ensure that you stay safe during these tough times. Even during grueling labor, professionals will not take down their masks, nor will they let down their guard for that matter.

With Jensen Moving and Storage, you can move to your new location safely, efficiently, and quickly. Our professional crew carefully follows state guidelines for keeping safe during covid-19. Masks, gloves, handwashing, social distancing, and other standards are a mandatory part of our workflow.

Contact us today to avail the best moving solutions for your home or business in Palm City.