Moving For Senior

Moving to a new home can be stressful for people of any age group. However, it is a particularly difficult experience for adults over the age of 60.

Finding boxes, sorting your belongings, and packing can be very taxing physically and mentally, so one should consider few important factors before planning for the move.

We examine some useful moving tips for seniors that can help them move to their new home without adding unwanted stress to their life.

Plan to Move in Advance and Downsize Clutter

When you are young, you tend to be full of energy. You can just pack up your stuff and get ready for an adventure at a moment’s notice.

Things are not so easy in your senior years. Make sure to plan early, at least a month in advance, for your move.

You will do well if you hire a reliable packing and moving company like Jensen, which will send workers to get everything sorted for the day of the move.

If you are moving after your kids have left for college, there is a good chance that you will be moving to a smaller home. You probably won’t need all the clutter you have lying around in your old home. The move can be a good opportunity to downsize the equipment.

Start by looking at each item in your home and whether you will need it or not in the new place.

If not, don’t be shy about giving it away, selling it, or disposing of it otherwise. This will help keep your new place tidy and make a move easier as well.

Get Help from Family Members

Don’t be shy about asking for help when you need it. If you have kids, nephews, nieces or grandchildren, ask them if they would give you a hand with packing and organizing your stuff.

Just make sure to ask them early and don’t wait until the last moment to ask. There is a good chance that they will be able to schedule it.

Another benefit of involving family members is that it can also help you remove some stuff. If you have been holding on to a family heirloom for your granddaughter, you may find out if she is interested in keeping it or not. Making it easier for you to make a move to get rid of it.

Have a frank conversation with your family members about whether they would want any items you are keeping. If they are not interested, dump it all away.

Use Boxes Smartly

Use small to medium size boxes for packing your stuff. About 1.5x1.5 boxes that are no more than a foot tall should do.

Make sure to label all your boxes and draw an arrow when you need to keep them upright. Small boxes will be easier to lift and store after you have moved to the new place.

Make Use of Technology

You can use technology to plan your move better. For example, you can use a note-taking app to make a list of all the valuable items in your home. This will help you keep track of everything on the day of the move and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Similarly, you use the camera on your phone to take pictures of your current home and the new place. You can then compare and visualize how to re-arrange everything at the new place.

Book Your Movers in Advance

Ideally, you should book your movers at least one week before the day of the move. While you can find movers on a day’s notice, they tend to cost more.

You are also more likely to make a mistake or forget something when you hire movers at the last minute.

Know Your Limits and Keep Your Health in Check

Moving is exhaustive work, so be honest with yourself about the amount of work you can handle. You do not want to overexert yourself by the day of the move.

Ideally, you should start organizing ten days before the move. Have everything stripped down and boxed or ready for packing by the day of the move.

Keep all your prescription medicine in a small box close at hand. Do not try to lift heavy items. Leave it to the professionals to handle.

Unpacking at the New Place

Here’s the key to unpacking; you do not have to do it all in one day. Ideally, your movers will unpack and set up most of your furniture where you want it. They will leave some boxes unopened.

So you can open them later during the next few weeks as you need the stuff. Some people develop an unpacking plan, where they open one box each day and move its contents to the right shelves and cabinets.

With these tips, your move to your new home will be smoother and stress-free.

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