Auto Vehicle Transport

Your vehicle is a high-cost investment. If you are looking to move it locally or across the country, you should only entrust it to a reliable, experienced transport service that can get the job done quickly and safely.

Jenson Moving & Storage is a professional moving service that provides transport services for personal items, including your automobile. We are specialized in Expensive, Exclusive High-End, Hi-Value Cars/Vehicles.

If you use our service for moving your car, you can have complete peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands while it is being shipped locally or across the country.

Shipping Pickup and Delivery Options

We serve clients with a range of requirements. Jensen Moving & Storage works with individuals, families, SMEs, corporations, car dealerships, US military personnel, foreign visitors, tourists, and other people going through a job transfer or relocation.

We provide two options for moving vehicles; terminal to terminal and door to door.

The terminal option can be cheaper. You will need to deliver your vehicle at our terminal one day prior to the booked date of shipping. The vehicle will be delivered at a terminal of your choosing, and you will need to pick it up there.

The second option is more convenient for users, but can cost more. Our team will pick up the vehicle from your location property and deliver it to the destination address.

Both options put the greatest emphasis on safety. We ensure that the vehicle is moved according to the schedule that suits you. Our team will keep you in contact throughout the move.

Storage Conditions

We own a state-of-the-art enclosed trailer with winch and full suspension to transport your high-end vehicle safe and sound to your desired destination.

The cars are covered from all sides with walls and the carriers have a roof at the top. An enclosed car trailer gives much better protection for your vehicle, especially when you are moving your car during poor weather winter and want to keep your vehicle safe from the environment. a blizzard and snow.

At Jensen Moving & Storage, we understand our responsibility for automobile safety and client urgency. That is why we offer state-of-the-art enclosed car trailers that can quickly move your vehicles anywhere you want while keeping it safely inside our state-of-the-art enclosed trailer.

Other Factors that Affect Cost

Besides the delivery option and storage condition, there are a number of other factors that can affect car shipping costs. These include;

  • Travel Distance: The farther you need to move the vehicle, the more expensive it gets.
  • Make and Model: More expensive, luxurious cars require additional protection that tends to cost more.
  • Time of the Year: The demand for vehicle transport is higher during summer and vacation periods, so the costs are also higher during this time of the year.